Clearing Frenzy

Jan 1st
Today I got rid of an old t-shirt, my husband an old t-shirt, and my daughter a stuffy. I’m bringing along my family on this venture of clearing out the excess. I can’t do it alone. If the past couple of years has shown me anything it’s that we have to work on this together and be on the same page, or at least simular. It’s discouraging when I’ve whittled a lot of my own closet out yet still trip over piles of toys, laundry and things to put away. I’ve gone through our kitchen appliances and tailored it to our cooking and eating habits. Looking at belongings and attempting to make decisions on stuff that isn’t mine is torture. It’s not mine to get rid of even if I think it should go.

I have devised this plan to modify our stuff that is hopefully painless for everyone changing patterns and overcoming our fear of letting go. So things need to go out once it is decided that it’s going. If it lingers it continues to take space and energy up. Out of site, out of mind and then move on.

With this in mind, the plan is to do this every day. One object is all that is asked. A “moving out bin”, is hanging out by the stairs. Hopefully, we can build and keep a momentum of ridding ourselves of all the extras and along the way develop an attitude of just buying things we need and not be frivolous or impulsive spenders.

Happy New Year & see you tomorrow with our stack of 3 things!

Jan 2nd

A few more things were added to the bin of “stuff to go” at the top of the stairs: a pretty but way to small Chinese style top, a cookbook we no longer use, a couple of Walt Disney CD books and a copy of The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary by Andrew Westoll.

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