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Mom Made Freezies


For a while I have been wanting to make my own freezies. I make popsicles once in a while and this summer plan to do it more often. It is pretty quick and easy with the Magic Bullet because you can make small batches. This was the first time I made the freezies though and they turned out pretty good! I started simple with orange juice, peaches and Greek yogurt. I poured a bunch and added some blackberries to the blend before filling the remainder of the pouches. I used store bought juice but I bet freshly squeezed would taste so much better – next time!!

Mygirl liked the ones without the blackberries better which kind of surprised me a bit because she loves blackberries and will almost east a whole pint by herself if no one is paying attention.

Because you can reclose them the Zipzciles are kind of neat. You can easily refreeze one which is melting too fast on a hot-hot day or slow-eater day…I might order some regular long thin candy bags though because even though you can reuse the Zipzicles it is a bit of a pain to wash and dry them out. I might just use them to make water ice sticks ( instead of cubes).

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