Pot Roast – pressure cooker

Last night I tried something new with the instant pot. I had a nice roast beef that I wanted to make for supper. Originally, I was intending to put in in the oven but wondered if I could use the pressure cooker…after all a slow cooker works (or so I have heard but never actually do because I am not all that great at planning ahead – my meals are usually pulled together 1 to 2 hours before eating.) I used my trusty phone to type “Roast beef instant pot” and sure enough a list of sites came up. After reading a few I decided on a plan and pressed the sauté button on the Pot.

This is for sure one that will be another regular in my instant pot go-to box!
Use the Sauté feature to brown the outside. It does quite a nice job of browning. I am one of those people who have sometimes left out the browning step because of laziness. Slightly irritated by the obligation of having to do this extra step and dirtying and extra pot have argued with myself to sacrifice the caramelized flavor this step adds. While browning, I began chopping the veggies. This time I chose onions and carrots. I skipped the potatoes in lieu of rice. For my liquid, I added 2 cups of mushroom broth. Sometimes I like a wide variety of veggies but keeping it simple sometimes works best. Robin peeled the carrots which made me incredibly happy inside. That is another story which I will write about later. I sprinkled salt on top of the roast and put in the onions around to sides to sauté in the juices. I added the carrots and this is where I’d add any other spices but for super simple night I just added the liquid – mushroom broth. I put the lid on and checked the vent was sealed. I read a recipe that had 30 minutes and another had 70 so I went for the middle and manual timed in 45 min.

To serve I scooped out the roast and veggies and a cup of broth to cool and add cornstarch to. I added this back into the pot and pressed Sauté to bring the broth to a boil while it thickened.

Everything was so tender! The flavor was intense even with so much broth.

Things I will try next time are 1 cup of broth and 30 min. The carrots were a bit overdone although not mushy. I prefer them a little bit more firm but not crunchy. Other than that, it was deliciously delicious!!!!

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