Aloe Up!

I am a big fan of aloe vera. I remember the first time learned of this ingenious plant. I was pretty young – in my tween years sporting the short and sassy hairdo. It was all the rage back then and my hairdresser’s studio was in her home. She introduced me to the hairdo and the plant. She had this beautiful lush green Aloe plant with thick juicy leaves. It was gorgeous to look at and she loved this plant and shared its wealthy and healing properties with my Mom during our hair sessions. Of course, then, I had no idea…30 some years later I still remember her breaking off a tip and handing to us to show us how she would break the skin and rub the gel on directly to the skin on her hand (which she nicked with a curling iron) while boasting it’s healing ability.

Why Aloe?? 

After trying many over the years I either break out or break the bank …  or both. 100% Aloe gel is my refuge.

#1.  I am sensitive to a lot of skin products out there. Sometimes it’s the perfumes but it it also the natural ingredients too. Allergies set off my histamines so even if it is natural it does not mean I’m safe from reactions. Thankfully, Aloe doesn’t bother me. I use it as a toning gel after washing my face in lieu of astringents and moisturizers. in between my many efforts to find “facial skin products”, that I can fall in love with  I used my aloe gel. but then it hit me that that was it! Simple and clean. it doesn’t have to have a fancy name to it it is whatever works best personally.

#2.  healing properties

#3.  versatility – it can be used internally, or topically. medicinal or cosmetically. It falls in line with keeping things simple and multipurpose. I can cut down on niche containers of this and that and have a handful of go-to products instead.

#4.  gorgeous plant – good to have. i need a new one. I haven’t had a plant in a while. I buy a bottle of gel from my local health food store.

#5.  No qualms using with my 8-year-old. for sunburns, cuts or rashes

#6.  I can use it on my dog – for rashes, hotspots, ear infections without worrying when she ingests it…because she will lick.

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