Broken Bones & Getting Around Woes

So this is what is happening these days. I have never broken a bone before. That is until last month. My ankle no less, my right fibula to be precise. I was in denial when I fell and thought it was just a serious sprain but the doctor in emergency confirmed that yes I did break it and would have 6 weeks of no weight baring drama to contend with. Oh my gosh!! At 47 I have broken my first bone. I was afraid of this. Afraid that as we age, the dangers of slipping and falling – the resulting injuries are really beginning to come true. I have been doing things over the past while to improve my diet and overall health. But this has really made me think, and realize that I have to up my game.

Oh, and did I mention it was my right one – my driving one? I am sure this happened just to make sure I don’t push the limit and hobble my way to the car and into town to run errands. I am house bound.

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